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Easy level70 |Party solo areas| INT-Like max grade | No custom recolored items | Exp 50-80x | Drop rate Medium | Start with picker/healer pet | Highly improved graphics ingame | |daily/repeatable quests | Shop/Fish/Mining/Herb/Jewel system | Alot more joi

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Redemption Kal banner

Redemption Kal

4 Classes, MYSTERY SKILLS, Nirvana system, Awaken skills, 3rd Job skills, 4TH JOB SKILLS, Balanced classes, G1-70 Armor, High droprate, Battlefield, I'lyer system, G vs G, 1 vs 1, New Pets and much much more! Comments ×Notice! This Server has no commen

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Anarchy Online banner

Anarchy Online

A new upcomming Fiesta P Server with a lot of features! 125 Cap | Production System | Skin Bosses | Instances | Balanced Gameplay | and much more! Join our discord for more informations :

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Anarchy KalOnline Private Server banner

Anarchy KalOnline Private Server

We decided to open a mid-Low server to improve the game-play and revive the old days of kalonline begin after they are dead by the servers which ran the past few years.

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Legend of Kal banner

Legend of Kal

Legend of kal BACK!

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Opyim of Owner banner

Opyim of Owner

Coming is Soon Vote For US

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Hiddenkal v3 fans banner

Hiddenkal v3 fans

Hidden Fans

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